Dubai is an emirate in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Here you can check current UAE EXCHANGE RATE! Dubai has traditionally been a trading center of various commodities and gold. Nowadays Dubai is one of the biggest trading markets of gold in the world and is known as the “City of Gold”. Find updated gold rates and prices in this website for trading gold in Dubai! Browse through our other pages for supplementary details for gold rate in Dubai such as gold rate history, currency converter and many more.

 1. Retail price in the United Arab Emirates Dirham AED (Week 28/2012)

Bar price
21835 (1)

24 Carat prices
189.25 (1) or 188.19 (2)

22 Carat prices
177.75 (1) or 172.57 (2)

Gold rate in “Emirati Dirham” (see source):
Bid 5837.9.5 and Ask 5841.9 (3)

2. Prices for derivatives (Gold futures,in US$ per troy ounce, 1kg bar)
Week 28/2012

Open: 1582.0 Close: 1593.0 (4)

The information above for gold rate in Dubai is updated at least on a weekly basis in average rates and you can find the past rates under the page Gold Price History. The first thing to consider is whether the gold price is the retail price or the price for derivatives (options or futures) in the Dubai Gold & Commodities exchange. The retail prices are daily fixed (in the morning and in the evening) by the retail dealers for four measures: Bar, 18 Carat, 22 Carat and 24 Carat. The 18 Carat price is currently around 130 AED, for this measure we do not provide the rate due to its rare usage. We have included rates from several sources in order to provide several rates in order to achieve accuracy in the rates rather than depending on one provider in practice in Dubai. The overall trend in 2011 for the gold price both in all measures has been increasing, you can follow the history in our page for the historical rates. During week 14 in 2011 (early April 2011), the bar price topped 20.000 AED, which correlates the increasing price of gold worldwide.

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Sources for the gold retail and trading prices that are presented in this page. Please be advised, the details are information provided by third-parties and we do not give any credit of the accuracy, you may freely use the information for your purposes.
(1): Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group
(2): Dubai Jewellers
(3): The BullionDesk
(4): Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange, DGCX